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Iowa Eviction Process

Posted by David Baird // August 21, 2019

Nobody ever said it’s easy being a landlord. Sometimes, it might feel like you’re up to your knees in sewage. Hopefully, the reality is that you aren’t up to your knees in an Iowa eviction process. While you’d likely hold your property and practices to a high standard, there still may come a time when […]

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How to Build a Nest Egg for Education

Posted by David Baird // August 14, 2019

Deborah Fowles at The Balance writes, “If you’re the parent of a newborn or young child, you’ve probably heard the depressing estimates of the cost of a college education when your child is ready to enter college about eighteen years from now. The cost of four years of a public college is expected to cost in […]

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Cedar Rapids Home Foreclosure Help

Posted by David Baird // August 7, 2019

Are things about to get bad? Will you need Cedar Rapids home foreclosure help? The Drudge Report announces in a bold headline today: NEXT SELL-OFF ‘LEHMAN-LIKE’ RECESSION WARNING. “The latest eruption in the U.S.-China trade dispute pushed a widely watched Treasury-market recession indicator to the highest alert since 2007.” Often a yield-curve inversion is a […]

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