Sell Your Cedar Rapids House

Sell Your Cedar Rapids House

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Sell Your Cedar Rapids House. The Gazette quotes Holly D. Johnson at Bankrate, “In recent years, sellers have called the shots in homebuying negotiations. They’ve had plenty of leverage, too, thanks to surges in buyer demand, tight inventory, and soaring home prices in many top markets around the country.”

“But we all know that the housing market is a cyclical one. Pricing and demand that goes up eventually go down, and the hot summer housing market often cools by the time winter rears its chilly head.”

“If you’re needing to sell a house and can’t wait for next year’s warm-weather sales surge, you’ll need to act fast.”

“To get to the closing table sooner rather than later, sellers may need to adjust their expectations and approach.”

 It’s been a Long Time Since the Last Recession.

This economy has been steaming ahead for about eleven years. Maybe we’ve entered a new era where governments can hold recessions at bay. Optimism notwithstanding, I’m concerned that we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves.

If you have plans to make some changes in your life that include selling your house, maybe now is the time to take advantage of the optimism.

How do you Sell Your Cedar Rapids House

Did you notice that houses in Iowa are on the market for 55 in August of 2019? That’s a lifetime if you want to sell fast. If you are going through a divorce, two months can be a lifetime. Imagine your bruised and battered feelings while waiting to sell and then close.

Or, you live in another city in the U.S. trying to get your parents’ estate settled. Imagine all the long distance phone calls and airline flights to your realtor here in Cedar Rapids and the demands of your job and family at home. “I have to wait for two months?”

Or imagine, deciding to downsize. The longer you are in the big house, the more you have to pay for heat and electricity. Maybe, you want to become an expat and move to where it is warm. You want to be gone, now.

Why Not Sell Your Cedar Rapids house for Cash.

Harmony Property Solutions, LLC will do a walk-through of their house, note any deficiencies, and figure out what it would cost us to fix those items and at what price we could sell the refurbished house. We may note the house needs some work, such as replacing a car port with a garage or renovating the kitchen. We share with the homeowners that today’s buyers want granite counters, double sinks, a dishwasher, stainless appliances, modern lighting, and modern cabinets. Those items may be beyond your budget.

We explain how we calculate the profit we need on our investment and offer the homeowner a price for their house.

We point out that there are no realtor commissions of 5 to 6% to pay out of their proceeds. In fact, there are no fees whatsoever. There are no open houses to live through and no fears that something will go wrong when it’s time to close.

Harmony Property Solutions, LLC  is proud to be a part of the Cedar Rapids community.

We help homeowners out of distressed situations. While our goal as investors is to make a modest profit on any deal, we help homeowners out of most any situation, no matter what! Harmony Property Solutions doesn’t charge any fees, upfront costs, commissions, or anything else.  We give you the simple truth about your home and help you sell it fast to resolve any situation.

Harmony Property Solutions, LLC, is part of thousands of investors nationwide, and we help tens of thousands of homeowners every year.  Ours is not the “traditional” route, but we help, and we do it quickly!

Give us a call today at 319-343-6773  and let us know how we can help you!

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